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David Mongielo

Candidate for Town Supervisor

     My name is David Mongielo, I am a Republican candidate for the LOCKPORT Town Supervisor . I have lived in Lockport most of my life and for almost 40yrs have run an automotive business in Lockport called Mongielos . I feel running for supervisor is the key link to help people fix many of our government issues,  I believe the people of Lockport need our local officials  to use their powers the way our founding fathers intended to fight against unlawful taxes and state mandates hurting our community’s in ways hard to Imagine.  Many people don’t realize our local official’s are choosing who works at our board of elections, who runs for president, all federal and state positions, yes basically choosing all candidates that end up on the ballot before you vote, See my You Tube channel video The Fix is In Before You Vote .

     We are not supposed to live in a democracy were a majority of dictators rule the minority.  Most of our local current Republicans are beholden to state dictator majority in return for bribes in the name of state grants that come from your taxes. I David Mongielo believes in a Constitutional Republic form of government with transparency and accountability. Our founders knew a Republic  can only work if the local Citizens form  a constitutional independent panel of citizens over seeing or official’s,  creating a buffer between the People and the government like the New York State constitution and supreme court decisions stipulate  .

     I will aggressively support down sizing and elimination of the county legislator form of government going back to board of supervisors form of county government, this would alone save taxpayers hundreds of thousands and maybe millions in waistfull patronage jobs. I also will look into why our ELECTRIC BILLS ARE 50%  TO 75% HIGHER THAN THEY SHOULD BE, talking to past official’s it seems we were sold out, this needs to be investigated.

     It would be an honor to be elected to office and that honor and trust should never be taken for granted. We need to have our representatives be more responsive to the needs of our district rather than to the political machine. Niagara County and our Town  is notorious for being one of the highest tax counties in the nation; based on the percentage values of our homes. I want to work to change that. Our present incumbent will tell you what a fine job they are doing. How good can it be when we are being over taxed with $19 million town surplus ? Our full value tax rate is extremely high because of the outrageous spending and bad policy making decisions. It was recently stated that we in western NY pay the highest taxes in the state. How can we expect to attract business to our area? We are already notorious for giving huge tax abatements to companies. Remember, when someone doesn’t have to pay county, school, sales taxes someone else has to pickup the tab. The current town official’s consuming your taxes for life have voted consistently to hire and keep patronage jobs and voted for high pay raises for them. They have discourage the public speaking if it makes them look bad, refused to prosecute official’s and Town Attorney that have commit crimes and refused to answer simple questions, yes their political class is dismissed from any crime.

  On a personal note, I am involved with good government groups and am actively working to repeal the Safe Act. I enjoy being a coach for the Soccer little league.  I previously have been a past volunteer with the S. Lockport  Fire Dept. and supported many charitable causes. I would like to have the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have regarding my candidacy; please feel free to contact me.

David Mongielo



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