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Derek Howe

Candidate for Town Council

Derek Howe

Why I would like to serve the residents of the Town of Lockport as Councilman

It is with a servant’s heart that I decided to run for the Town of Lockport Councilman. Managing and solving complex problems every day is what I do for a living. I’ve worked in the field of design, engineering and construction for 38 years serving the industrial manufacturing and commercial construction sectors. From January 2000 until 2016 I built, owned, and operated a small Industrial Design business having had my office on Main Street in Williamsville NY. I sold the business in 2016 and now work for an industrial engineering firm in Buffalo NY. Creating and reading blueprints is my second language.


The phrase “government by the consent of the governed” is not part of the current political / ruling class principals. I am compelled to take on a leadership role striving to return us to “government by the consent of the governed”. I would like to be referred to as a “public servant”. I try to be a student of the Constitution of the United States and encourage every U.S. citizen to study the Declaration of Independence also. As a Christian man I use Biblical principles to live my life and make decisions as best I can. I like people. I will work to have any law removed that demonstrates government overreach.


I believe government should never have a role in dictating winners or losers in any form of commerce or industry, that is what Socialist’s, Communist’s and Marxist’s do. The people’s wants and needs determine economics and what industries will thrive or fail by the power of their individual decisions. A products usefulness, quality, competition and cost to an individual dictates a free and healthy market. Currently, there is evidence that suggests new "green" industries are being imposed by politicians and companies that benefit a few and will be detrimental to many.


I will scrutinize the town budget, spending and financials while maintaining the appropriate prudent reserve. I would enjoy listening to, supporting and helping town employees be as productive as possible, lending assistance in solving administrative, maintenance, and construction problems. I believe in limited government with people’s rights, needs and freedoms being imperative. I will change the quarterly Town of Lockport newsletter from a pat on the head of the town residence to a monthly report card to the residents listing town employees and leadership activities including community gatherings. I would institute a youth, family and adult civics program focusing on the original intent of the Constitution, self-governance, individual liberty, and freedom.


I was born and raised in the Town of Lockport and it is where I enjoy living. My mother taught second grade at Anna Merritt Elementary School and my father was an executive at Harrison Radiator Division of General Motors. During my teen years I played for various sports teams but primarily played hockey when the Kenan Center still had the ice rink. 1982 NY State Champs in high school... GO LIONS. During the time when I was running my Industrial Design Company, I mentored and sponsored the Lockport Highschool FIRST Robotics Team 1507 for seven years. I volunteer at a local homeless shelter. I am an engaged and active member of The Chapel where I worship and serve as part of the production team. I've been playing drums since the age of 12 and have been  playing with the same guys for over 25 years. I was president of the SCOL (Ski Club of Lockport) for a couple years during the 1990's and ran various events including three trip's to Mt Tremblant in Quebec that people still talk about....


I Love our country and Lockport. As your elected representative my job is to protect us from tyrannical New York State dictates that, at times, we see various levels of leadership bow to. I will also work to protect us from unethical practices of politicians and who they are beholden to, and make sure all town employees and leadership are accountable to the taxpayer. I will keep a watchful eye on spending and revenue ensuring we are fiscally sound and strive to make Lockport a place where life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is available to all who want to work hard and live honest lives.


With your vote I can begin working for you and thank you for your time.

Derek Howe


I would like to hear from you. Let me know what you think. The good the bad and the ugly.

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