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Derek Howe

Rick Zimmermann

Candidate for Town Council

Local Watch Repairman Says It's "Time For A Change!!

“Rick” Zimmermann has decided to do something more than complain about rising property taxes. Therefore, he is announcing he is running as a candidate for the Lockport Town Board election in the Republican

Primary June 27th 2023.


Last year his petition for town Committeeman position was overturned on a technicality by the Niagara County GOP.   His desire to serve was re-ignited when his property tax reassessment value sky-rocketed over $110,000 in the past 2 years. 


Apparently others had felt the same shock and gladly signed his petition to earn him a place on this year's Republican Primary Ballot.


“It’s a shell game where the tax rate is lowered, but the assessment is raised, still raising taxes.  People are tired of this way of doing business ‘as usual’ by politicians and not public servants.”


As a devout Christian, family man and self-employed businessman, he feels this is his way of demonstrating ‘love thy neighbor’ to so many who are burdened by unethical over taxation.

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